Robimo Multicopter-Services

Aerial photographs and videos, maintenance & inspection, construction assistance (pulling of wires, transportation of tools, etc.), search & rescue, and custom applications.

Aerial Photographs

Aerial Photographs

Stunning photos from a bird’s-eye view in print quality.. We always find the best perspective for a wide range of usage scenarios — from object photography to landscape shots, from still to moving objects.

Examples: buildings, landscape, panorama photos, events, documentation

Aerial Videos

Aerial Videos

From smooth hover flights with slow camera panning to high-speed pursuits and overtakings; from close-ups to extreme long shots; from slow to fast motion – all with completely free pivotable cameras and stabilized camera suspensions (“gimbal”). Also periodic panoramic shots or live streams are possible.

Photographs with special 3d or 360 degrees cameras are possible on request.

Maintenance & Inspection

Maintenance & Inspection

Cost and time-efficient maintenance and inspection flights provide an overview from above.
We offer maintenance flights for industrial buildings, areas, constructions, including greenhouses, factory roofs, pylons, wind turbines, solar panel, roof tiles and thermal insulation reviews. In addition we offer frequently used services like inspections after windstorms, hail damage or flooding.

  • Cheaper than a helicopter or a crane
  • More accurate than satellite images
  • Flexible, easy and universally useable
  • Faster than any climber
  • No heavy equipment, no wide / fixed approach roads, no permits (except provincial capitals and no-fly zones) required
  • No human risk, e.g. in case of dilapidated objects or rock walls
  • Different types of sensors are possible (thermal imaging, spectral camera, … )
  • Custom-solutions possible

Construction Assistance

  • Construction assistance and documentation
  • Transport of pulling wires
  • Transportation of construction materials and tools
  • Measurements
  • Thermal imaging

Search & Rescue

In time-critical situations a quick survey of the top can be crucial.

  • Support for auxiliary and emergency personnel from the air
  • Video or thermal imaging
  • No risk for the operator and ground crew
  • Examples: floods, avalanches, search for missing persons, help in the coordination of mountain rescue operations or delivery of emergency packages


Of course it is also possible to transport other equipment as film and photo cameras with our multicopters.

Whether sensors, thermal imagers, measurement systems, or other equipment – we lift it up into the air.

There is no such thing as impossible!

Everything is possible! We look forward to unusual and innovative requests for whose implementation we are happy to work with you.

  • Flight advertising – banner advertising, broadsides
  • Monitoring – Open air events, search & rescue, traffic monitoring, avalanche search, detection of intruders in secure areas
  • Live audio broadcast – audio warnings and announcements (e.g. ‘locked area’, ‘danger’)
  • Transport flights – medical emergency equipment and supply of remote outposts
  • Construction assistance (e.g. pulling wires)
  • Computer vision – aerial mapping, 3d-reconstruction, object detection
  • Autonomous flight – various technologies such as GPS, 3D camera and sonar

As computer scientist, we consider ourselves not only as software users, but rather as developers with significant experience. Our scientific background includes distributed computing, gaming technologies, machine learning and robotics. This allows us to develop and optimize our own software customized for special applications.