Robimo – Robots in Motion!

Photos and videos from a bird’s eye view? Or would you prefer powerful oktocopter with 10KG of load capacity?

We create customized solutions for your needs. Beyond applications for photography, film, documentation, advertising, inspection and maintenance, our multicopters can be used to lift up your own products such as sensors or special cameras.

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  • Modern and failsafe multicopters with the highest possible standards licensed by the national aviation authority — Austro-Control 
  • Operating permit for densely populated areas. We are allowed to fly even in cities
  • Certified pilots with extensive flying experience
  • Photo and video production including editing and post processing
  • Maintenance and inspection flights, search and rescue, transportation flights
  • Creation of complete solutions and development of individual requests
  • Organizational planning such as regulatory approvals, clearances for take-off and access restrictions for operating-area
  • We cooperate closely with the University of Vienna. Due to our background as computer scientists we are able to offer not only technical expertise but also development and research opportunities.
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